Rules of the house


Cancellation up to four weeks before your arrival date we will refund the full booking amount. After four weeks we will refund 50% of the booking amount. If a replacement guest book we will refund the full amount also.

Checking in and out

Check in can take place from 15:00 on the day of arrival. On the day of departure we kindly ask you to give you room for 11 hours to vacate.


We are prepared after consultation, to take your dog as a guest. If we confirm you can bring your dog with you a fee € 8.50 per night have to be paid.


Our guests can use their room key also for the guest entrance. Please keep that door closed and locked. The other door in the Hall, the entrance to the dining room is locked at night and during our absence. Is is then not possible to enter the rest of the building.


We have limited space for horses. You can bring them after consultation on availability. Horses can be placed in an adjacent enclosed pasture (electrical fence). The fee is € 8.50 per night. You are responsible for feeding and care.


Parking is on the designated areas on our ground.


We ask you, directly after confirmation of the booing, half the amount of the booking in advance by bank.


It is allowed to bring your own drinks to your room. There is also a fridge with soft drinks, beer and win available in the Hall. Please note your name, room number and the drinks you took on your own list. In the dining room you can order the drinks with us or grab it yourself and make a note on your own list. You can pay for the drinks on the day you leave.


It is not allowed to smoke in the building. But allowed outside and in the "onderschoer".